Sibthorp Papers 1 ‘Ecosystem Management: Questions for Science and Society’, a digital copy of the proceedings from our first seminar is available by clicking HERE and a hard bound copy is available for purchase through the Secretariat.
Edited by Edward Maltby, Martin Holdgate, Mike Acreman and Antony Weir

Sibthorp Papers 2 Do Conservation Targets Help?
The publication of the Second Sithorp Seminar; Do Conservation Targets Help? is available for purchase through the Natural History Book Society.
Edited by Edward Maltby, Conor Linstead and Vernon Heywood

Sibthorp Papers 3 Ecosystems and Health: a UK perspective. Captures the outputs from the Third Sibthorp Seminar held by the Sibthorp Trust. The aim of the seminar was to take a critical look at the evidence for the link between ecosystems and human health and examine some of the policy implications of these links for the UK. This is a fast changing and increasingly important area, and has significant implications for the policies and practices of many sectors from health to conservation and agriculture.

Sibthorp Papers 4 Climate change action after Copenhagen. What Next?

In the fourth in the series, the Sibthorp Trust has published a provocative series of articles for the general public to stimulate formative debate on climate change in the post Copenhagen period by inviting a range of commentators to give their personal perspectives on where we are going and what needs to be done.

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